How To Eat Healthy And Lose Weight Fast In 10 Easy Steps

How do you get quick results to lose weight while eating healthy? It’s an easy answer, but not always easy to do. Exercise. Watching what you eat and how much you eat will put you on the right track to lose unwanted pounds. Adding extra activity and exercise will increase the fat cell breakdown. Learning how to eat healthy and lose weight fast will positively affect your overall health and lifestyle.How To Eat Healthy And Lose Weight Fast In 10 Easy Steps1. Portion Control. Use your hand as a reference when judging portion sizes. The palm of the hand is the size of a protein based food. The closed fist is the appropriate size of carbohydrates. Fingers spread out wide or a “jazz hand” indicates how much fruit and vegetables should be consumed in a meal.2. Go low on dairy. Small amounts of dairy are more appropriate since dairy is heavy with calories and fat grams.3. Water intake. Drink water throughout the day and whenever you are thirsty. Keeping your body hydrated will aid in metabolism and energy. Water flushes out toxins and aids in digestion and absorption. Fat cells don’t have a chance to produce when water is flushing out what the body does not need.4. Processed food. Keep away from processed food when possible. Pre-packaged food lacks nutrients and adds excess sodium and calories to your system.5. Indulge in vegetables. Eat a variety of vegetables and leafy greens everyday. They will burn fat cells and keep the blood clean from illnesses.6. Boost energy with fruit. Fruit and berries are packed with antioxidants and give you quick and lasting energy. The sugar fructose is present in fruit and can help to satisfy sugar cravings.7. Juicing wheat grass. Extreme caution and education should be warranted when using wheat grass. Wheat grass suppresses the appetite and melts fat cells rapidly. It is bursting with nutrients that fight off diseases.8. Stay away from sugar packed beverages. Soda pop, energy drinks, and fruit juices that are not 100% juice are loaded with sugar. Excess sugar adds calories and encourages fat cell production.9. Sprout your seeds and grains. Sprouted foods are 200% more nutrient dense than the food itself. Sprouted foods like wheat, lentils, beans, broccoli, and sunflower seeds suppress the appetite, give the body rapid and sustainable energy to burn fat cells.10. Fish and seafood. Fish should be consumed 2-3 times a week. Fish is rich in omegas and protein. Fish is low in calories and encourages fat cell reduction.

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