Whole Life Insurance Online Quote – Does Whole Life Deserve It’s Bad Rap?

There are important differences between Term and Whole Life Insurance, but don’t think that one is bad and the other is good. It depends on the situation. You get more term insurance than whole life per dollar spent, but this is because whole life is more than just insurance against accidental death, it is also an investment. As such you can figure it into your overall investment planning for retirement.An InvestmentHow can life insurance be an investment when most policies only pay upon death? Let me tell you a true story related to me by my mother. She said my dad bought a whole life policy within a few years after they were married. Until then he only had a Term Life policy through his work that would cover little more than burial expenses. The new whole life policy would give my mom a little extra to pay the bills should anything happen to him.This Whole Life policy helped them realize a dream come true and make extra money along the way. Several years went by. Along came one child, then two, then three and four. They bought a house in the suburbs, but their dream was to get a small parcel of acreage in Central Florida’s horse country. Finally an opportunity came–five acres. The price was right, but $1,000 was needed for the down payment; the balance could be paid off on time by monthly payments. Mom said the payments weren’t a problem. By then my dad’s salary could handle the extra for the monthly payments, but where would they get the thousand dollars?Mom said she wracked her brain every which way, but couldn’t see any way clear to get the thousand dollars. Then one day she thought of the Whole Life insurance policy they had been paying on several years. She remembered the young salesman sitting at their kitchen table explaining benefits of the whole life policy without dying versus term life in which someone else collects at death.One of the benefits was being able to borrow money from the policy. She called up the insurance company and sure enough it had accumulated over a $1,000 cash value which could be borrowed.You Can Borrow From The PolicyCan it make sense to borrow money from your insurance policy? You bet it can. The interest rate will likely be lower than anything you can get anywhere else such as a home equity loan and you won’t be on a schedule to pay it back. You should at least make regular payments on the interest accrued to keep the loan balance from getting larger. The insurance company won’t determine how much you should pay every month.The amount is up to you, so you can’t be penalized for missing a payment. You will want to repay it eventually though, since the idea behind getting life insurance in the first place was to have the cash value available to you or your heirs at some time in the future. The only reason not to pay it back would be if you used the money to make an even better investment, such as buying property that would appreciate in value.Mom said that little Whole Life insurance policy really saved the day a few other times too when they needed a few hundred dollars suddenly in an emergency. Just like the little Energizer bunny rabbit, it just kept on giving and giving. A Whole Life insurance policy may ‘literally save your life’ some time when you need money and can’t borrow money from the bank for one reason or another.If you’re searching for Term Life insurance, be sure to get a Whole Life insurance quote, too. You can obtain one over the internet. Look at each policy type various companies offer, matching them with your individual Term Life insurance needs. After all, an educated consumer is a happy consumer.

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How To Eat Healthy And Lose Weight Fast In 10 Easy Steps

How do you get quick results to lose weight while eating healthy? It’s an easy answer, but not always easy to do. Exercise. Watching what you eat and how much you eat will put you on the right track to lose unwanted pounds. Adding extra activity and exercise will increase the fat cell breakdown. Learning how to eat healthy and lose weight fast will positively affect your overall health and lifestyle.How To Eat Healthy And Lose Weight Fast In 10 Easy Steps1. Portion Control. Use your hand as a reference when judging portion sizes. The palm of the hand is the size of a protein based food. The closed fist is the appropriate size of carbohydrates. Fingers spread out wide or a “jazz hand” indicates how much fruit and vegetables should be consumed in a meal.2. Go low on dairy. Small amounts of dairy are more appropriate since dairy is heavy with calories and fat grams.3. Water intake. Drink water throughout the day and whenever you are thirsty. Keeping your body hydrated will aid in metabolism and energy. Water flushes out toxins and aids in digestion and absorption. Fat cells don’t have a chance to produce when water is flushing out what the body does not need.4. Processed food. Keep away from processed food when possible. Pre-packaged food lacks nutrients and adds excess sodium and calories to your system.5. Indulge in vegetables. Eat a variety of vegetables and leafy greens everyday. They will burn fat cells and keep the blood clean from illnesses.6. Boost energy with fruit. Fruit and berries are packed with antioxidants and give you quick and lasting energy. The sugar fructose is present in fruit and can help to satisfy sugar cravings.7. Juicing wheat grass. Extreme caution and education should be warranted when using wheat grass. Wheat grass suppresses the appetite and melts fat cells rapidly. It is bursting with nutrients that fight off diseases.8. Stay away from sugar packed beverages. Soda pop, energy drinks, and fruit juices that are not 100% juice are loaded with sugar. Excess sugar adds calories and encourages fat cell production.9. Sprout your seeds and grains. Sprouted foods are 200% more nutrient dense than the food itself. Sprouted foods like wheat, lentils, beans, broccoli, and sunflower seeds suppress the appetite, give the body rapid and sustainable energy to burn fat cells.10. Fish and seafood. Fish should be consumed 2-3 times a week. Fish is rich in omegas and protein. Fish is low in calories and encourages fat cell reduction.

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Alicante – Golf, Shopping and Beaches

If you are planning a trip to Alicante in the near future and love golf as well, you should consider a golf holiday package. The Beaches of Alicante combined with great golfing- there is just no better combination!

First, check with your travel agent or on the internet to find out if there are any package deals available. Not only is this a great holiday experience, but it can be a bargain holiday too. There is an array of options available, so be ready to decide what you want out of your holiday and Alicante really does have a lot to offer.

Your holiday package will include everything you need such as accommodation, theater tickets and of course plenty of quality golf in and around Alicante. The are a wide selection of par 3 and par 72 golf courses in the region of Alicante that will suit a complete range of golfing handicaps.

A great option for your golf holiday is the Alicante Golf Resort designed by Sevellano Ballesteros, which is one of the largest in Alicante and is visited each year by budding golfers from all over Europe. The club house is rather special too with a range of tapas and high cuisine dishes that will make you just want to play the Alicante golf course throughout your stay.

An added bonus with Alicante is that there are a great variety of shopping centres with all of the high street favorites under one roof, or you should check out the “Avenida Maissonave” in the centre of Alicante, which is one of the most famous shopping streets in Spain and where you can find 2 “Corte Ingl├ęs” departments stores, ideal for the ladies to spend their time while the gentleman play golf.

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