Top 5 Digital Photography SLR Tips

Digital photography SLR technology has provided even those new to photography with the means to produce top class professional pictures. The quality of even the entry level Digital SLR cameras enables anyone to achieve this with just a little homework and practice.The technology can appear daunting at first but once you have the basics covered you can pretty much learn as you go along but still produce really effective and stunning shots. It is always advisable to at least try to learn some basic techniques that even professional photographers will employ in order to get the most out of your camera.Here I have collected a few basic digital SLR photography tips to get you started:1. Whatever DSLR you choose to purchase get to know the basic unctions. If you are continuously having to look at the instruction book when you are out taking photographs it can be self defeating. Whereas if you are familiar with your particular camera it will leave you free to concentrate on the subject rather than the technology. it will save you a lot of time and frustration.2. Match the lens to the subject matter. if you plan to go and photograph a sporting event remember to pack the telephoto not just the wide angle or the standard lens. You have to get in close to the action and obviously if you are at an event you cannot get in the action too closely! More over, if you are planning a portrait session ensure you have a lens suitable, either a standard or short telephoto.3. If you are taking photographs outside on a sunny day adjust the white balance on your camera from auto to cloudy setting. If you leave it on the auto it will make the shots look too cold but if you change it to cloudy it will increase the warmth of your shot. You could also experiment with fill in flash on sunny days to avoid too much contrast. this is especially useful if you are taking portraits outside.4. Move your camera around, rotate it so you take portrait as well as landscape shots. Sometimes if you are taking photographs of landscapes and you choose a portrait angle it can be much more dramatic.5. Don’t be afraid to change your perspective. Get up high or lay down low. You may feel a little self conscious at first but if you watch any professional photographer they are always looking for the different shot. So try to think around your subject. Also get in close. the subject of your shot should be obvious not just blend into a messy background. You can change the depth of field for your shot so that the background is thrown out of focus. This will also provide you with a more interesting picture.These five digital photography SLR¬†tips only scratch the surface but if you get to know your camera inside out, change your perspective and don’t be afraid to take a chance and change your viewpoint you will have some stunning shots that will stand out from those you have taken previously.

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