How to Make Your Websites VIDEO WEBSITES

You know it, I know it… EVERYBODY knows it:

EVERYTHING content-wise online is moving to video (on hand-held devices). People are discovering new music more on YouTube than anywhere else. They are getting their news and all other information via video, more and more and more.

SEARCH ENGINES FAVOR VIDEO. Google chooses to feature a video in their top search engine search returns, not just because they own YouTube, but because people PREFER video as their go-to source for virtually everything online!

In fact, Cisco reported that the chances of getting a page 1 ranking for a Google search are over 50 times greater with a video!

The Internet has become television and nobody wants to look at a page full of text on TV!


You need to be using video on your blog, on your website homepage, and even in your email subscriber boxes and other calls to action (CTA).


1. Approximately 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium.

2. Approximately 6 BILLION hours of video is watched, just on YouTube, every month.

3. 70% of viewers will watch a video until the end if it is less than 1 minute long.

4. 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

5. The average Internet user spends 88% more time on a website with a video.

“1.8 Million Words is the value of one minute of video.” – Dr. James McQuivey, Forrester

So, how do you get started using video to promote yourself or a product, or service?

You have a phone that takes video, right? Shoot video (or have someone else shoot it if YOU are the subject). You only need a couple of minutes of footage.

Open a free account at This is an amazingly easy (yet very powerful) totally web-based video editing platform. You can quickly learn to edit your videos (remember keep them SHORT and to the point!). You can add text or images. The degree of sophistication is only limited to what YOU want to do. You can even video yourself directly from your computer using your webcam with Wevideo.

DOWNLOAD your finished video to your computer (make a folder on your desktop called VIDEO and keep all your files there for easy access).

Create a FREE YouTube CHANNEL. Upload all of your videos there FIRST. You want to harness the power of YouTube as a search engine (it’s the second largest next to Google!). People searching for you or your video’s content will find it much faster than if it was just text on a website.

Find and SUBSCRIBE to channels that have some affinity with yours. Just like with Facebook and Twitter, build a following by following others.

Get the EMBED code (under the “Share” link on your YouTube video) and add your video to your website or blog. It’s very easy. Make sure in the DESCRIPTION (and even the title), PUT A DIRECT URL to YOUR WEBSITE.

Link back to your YouTube videos from your website. And link to your YouTube video from ALL your social media accounts; from your fanpage, or even just in a post. Google/YouTube loves links from popular websites.


Subscribe to my YouTube channel (eventsinmusic) and I will happily subscribe to yours. I have over 850,000 views. I will show you how to do the same.

If you want to succeed online, YOU MUST MAKE YOUR WEBSITES VIDEO WEBSITES. And you must create and curate new video content constantly.

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Working With Your Shopfitter to Reduce Shop Lifting by Implementing Effective Shop Design

Theft can be a costly problem in just about any shop. All shop owners should have an anti-theft strategy and the best time to implement an anti-theft strategy is when the shop layout is being designed by your shopfitter – at this stage of the shop fitting process it is easy and cost effective to put into practice the necessary measures to prevent theft in a shop.

Utilise shop layout effectively

The biggest measure you can take whilst your shopfitter is designing the shop layout to discourage shoplifting is to do your best to make sure there are no (or as few as possible) dark corners that are not visible from the rest of the shop. You need to think about aisle placement and where the counter and till will be positioned. Ideally the counter should be positioned close to the entry and exit points and in such a position that who ever is working on the till can see as much of the shop as possible.

Product placement

Think about where you locate expensive items around the store. If they are in full view then it’s less likely they’ll be stolen by shop lifters. If an item is small and has a high margin then perhaps think about keeping it behind the counter where you can serve customers on demand.

Enclose valuable products

If you have the type of shop that stocks very expensive items like a jewellery shop then it’s highly likely you’ll want to use locked cabinets. Where customers can view items and then request to look at a product In more detail when they wish to. Obviously members of staff should keep keys to locked display units on them at all times.

Use security tags

Something you see very frequently on the high street. Particularly in clothing shops are security tags. Where by if they are not taken off an item of clothing, then they set an alarm off when they they are taken out of the shop. Many also have ink dye in them so that if they are forced open the ink dye stains the clothing – creating another deterrent for shop lifters.


CCTV can be particularly useful if you have a problem with persistent shop lifting. In that it’s a fantastic tool if you have to deal with the police because if you have a thief on film then it’s hard evidence! Position the cameras on areas that are difficult to keep a watch on when you are in your shop. Remember those dark corners!

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Common Misconceptions About Working From Home

It will be fantastic if you can earn income at home. The real danger comes in the form of misconceptions. There is the presumption that it is easy to make money from home. There are other fallacies which hide the reality that you could have a possible financial disaster.Your job gave you basic security of a salary. You knew the exact amount you received every month. It is all going to be different from now on. If you have been working for a company for a long time, you have an uphill task to adjust and change. This change is not easy. It requires a new mental make over.There is a misconception that your plans will work exactly as you figured it out. Most likely they will not. You cannot and will not be able to anticipate many problems cropping up everyday in different ways when you try to earn income at home.You cannot foresee every little thing that can go wrong. Sales may not come through as expected. Promises people made may not come true. Your calculations can go wrong. Unexpected price changes can affect your market. Products may not work as expected. These are some things that can happen that you have no control over.Regular income is the biggest shocker when you earn income at home. Your regular monthly income will disappear. Money can become scarce and you may be in more debt than you know. Many have failed to take control of their credit cards and overdraft bank accounts.They have a misconception that working at home will be a breeze. There is a presumption that everything will turn out to be wonderful when you try to earn income at home.There is a numbness that comes to all entrepreneurs in the beginning. Your dream is that it is easy, simple and money will fall into your lap. The reality is it takes time to make money. It also takes time for you to try to experiment with different aspects of your business.If every one can make money that easily then no one will get employed. It is not easy to leave the security of a job and just jump into self employed work at home situation.The wise person will begin experimenting with it in his spare time and see if he can make a decent living working from home. To earn income from home is risky if you have never done any business before. It is not just the internet or some programming skills but a whole lot more.

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