7 Important Traveling Tips When Traveling in Russia

Do you speak Russian? No? Then take into account the following traveling tips when traveling in Russia:VisaYou will need a visa (tourist or business) to enter Russia. Embark on the formalities as soon as possible, because they may take a while.Customs declarationsWhen entering and leaving Russia, you will need to declare all goods that you bring in, respectively, carry out of the country. Personal use items, jewelry, electronics, everything must be declared.Around the countryIn order to travel around the country, you can use buses, trains, rented cars or taxis. Use only taxis with company logos on and ask for the price before starting the trip. You may also rent a car or drive your own car, in which case a road tax must be paid and speed limits of 60 km/h – on secondary roads – and 90 km/h – on major roads- must be respected.TippingUsually, hotel services charges are already included in the hotel bill. If not, a 5 to 15 per cent tip is accepted in hotels and restaurants alike.MoneyForeign currencies can be easily converted into the local national currency, the Ruble. Currently, 1 USD is worth 23.5 RUB (Russian Rubles). There are even establishments that will accept foreign currencies, especially the dollar, as such; nevertheless, traveler’s cheques are hardly accepted.WeatherIn order to avoid the Russian cold winters and rainy summers, the best periods to visit the country are from May to June and from September to October.Not toAvoid the politically unstable parts of the country that you hear about on the news; never photograph a policeman; do not throw garbage in the street; do not try to leave the country with goods you have not declared at the customs or with guns, works of art or jewelry.

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